Vacation Packing: The Only 10 Clothing Items You Need

No matter where you travel to or no matter how many days, there are only 10 items you need to take along at any given time.  Now you will never forget what to pack.  Thanks to http://  Here we go:

  1.  Three pairs of pants.  Jeans, slacks, cargo pants. ( women-that-are-stylish-and-comfortable/)for women
  2. Three to five shirts. Dressy, casual, white or print. (
  3. Seven sets of undergarments.  Enough said.(
  4. A formal outfit
  5. A light, waterproof jacket
  6. Closed toed shoes
  7. Extra socks
  8. A hat
  9. A scarfluggage-64354_1920
  10. A watch……Great travels!

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